Our MVP’s Of Week 14

John’s MVP

Brian Orakpo

The reason why I chose Brian Orakpo
for my MVP , is not because he plays for my team(Washington Redskins), but the fact is that he had six tackles, four sacks and a force fumble,  helping the Redskins to defea the Oakland Radiers 34-13 on Sunday December 12, 2009. Against the Oakland Raiders, in Oakland, California.

Jeremie’s  MVP!

Andre Johnson

The reason why I chose Andre Johnson as my MVP, is because the guy put up some numbers against the Seattle Seahawks, the guy blew up the Seahawks secondary by putting up 11 catches 193 yards and 2 touchdowns. Helping the Houston Texans defeating the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday 13, 2009 34-7 in Seattle, Washington.

Mike J’s MVP

Brandon Marshall

The reason why Mike J, chose Brandon Marshall(Denver Broncos) as his weeks MVP, because the guy just broke all time single game reception record, held by former San Francisco 49er Wide Recevier Terrell Owens catching 20 receptions, against the Chicago Bears, Dec. 17, 2000 defeating the Bears 17-0. Now Brandon Marshall has the all time single game record of reception of 21 catches, against the Indianapolis Colts. but losing to the Colts 16-28. Keeping the Colts stay undefeated.

By:Jeremie D.


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