Who Would You Choose?

So one day me and my boys were watching some ESPN Sportscenter to be exact, and there were alot of NBA highlights of games that were on that day. So me and my boys were just like “If you were to pick one player in the NBA to start a franchise with who would you chose?”  So we went around the room and mostly everyone said, “Lebron James, Dwight Howard, D-Wade, Melo and Kevin Durant.” In my opinion I’ll take Dwight Howard, I mean  you need a dominant big men to be successful in the NBA in my opinion, unless your name is Kobe Bryant! But anyways thats a different argument on a different day. So I was thinking maybe I should post a Poll and see what the world thinks? So give me your output and vote and it will be cooler if you gave me a reason why too. To make this argument even more better and interesting so VOTE!!  ight!

By:Jeremie D.


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