Our Picks For This Weekends NFL Wildcard Games!!


Saturday 4:30PM ET

Our Pick is: The Bengals

The Bengals are 6-2 at home, they will show that they can run the ball effectively with Cedric Benson,and will be eager to prove that the belong in the playoffs and show the world that winning the AFC NORTH isn’t a flute. The only thing that could set them back is the fact that their defense is playing injured and missing a focal point in Ray Mauluga. Also The Jets have a Rookie Quarterback Mark Sanchez, and hes a turnover prone quarterback throwing up to 20ints in the season. The only way the Jets can pull the upset would be if the Jets establish their running game with Thomas Jones, establish their Top Ranked Defense this past year and make sure Mark Sanchez doesnt turn the ball over then maybe the Jets have a chance, but were going with the Bengals.


Saturday 8:00PM ET

Our Pick Is: Goes Both Ways!

This comes down to the defense of the cowboys shutting down the big play capabilities of the Desean Jackson and Donovan Mcnabb, the Cowboys have not allowed more than 20 pts in the past 4 weeks (two of which were shutouts, one of which was against the Eagles, in their season finale defeating the Eagles 24-0) also in this 4 week stretch the Cowboys have gone 3-1. Also the Eagles don’t have enough talent in their Defense back core to stop the many play makers on the cowboys offense.The only way the eagles can win is if Desean Jackson finds a way to get open and the cowboys kill themselves with over-confidence, and if the Eagles play the defense that their known of playing the last couple of seasons.


Sunday 1:00 PM ET

Our Pick Is:The New England Patriots

TOM “Mr. January” “Tom Terrific” Brady. Tom Brady has had another 4000 yard season and look for Julian Eddleman to fill Wes Welkers spot, after having a season ending injury. Wes Welker is known for yards and catches not touchdowns.Tho the Ravens have a good defense and ed reed playing center field, hes just not enough for the missing holes due to the other defensive backs lack of play and being that the patriots are a passing team, that’s gonna neutralize that line backing core of the Ravens, meaning that Ray Lewis and Terrell Snuggs wont play a big part on the Sunday,causing them to play more defensive backs. The only way the Ravens can win is if  Ray Rice plays up to par and their Defense plays like their known for playing the last decade with their leader Ray Lewis playing middle linebacker leading that defense to victory.


Sunday 4:40 PM ET

Our Pick Is: The Green Bay Packers

The Packers comes into this game with another coveted triple crown QB (a QB that has at least: 4000 yards-25 tds-Qb rating over 100). Also the Packers comes into this game ranked 2nd in total defense and 5th in pass defense and lead the league in both run defense and forced turnovers. They also sport a corner with 9 picks in Charles Woodson and a safety with 6 picks in Nick Collins. The only possible way the Cards can win is if they and get dome-field-advantage going for them and can implement a run game to allow an affective play-action and get those big physical receivers open down field. Also the packers line is notorious for giving up sacks, so if Darnell Docket is able to disrupt the pocket, then it could be a long game and the tide could turn in the Cardinals favor
By:Issac Knowles(Our Newest Member To The P0t)

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