Recap Of The BCS Championship Game:Roll Tide Roll

With 47 seconds left on the clock as the disappointed Texas fans look across at the Crimson Tide sideline as two alabama players douse coach Nick Saben in a well deserved red Gatorade shower. The stadium is filled with a rock-us uproar as the Alabama players, students, alumni, and fans began to celebrate there soon-to-be fulfilled dreams of winning the 2010 BCS National Title Game. This game began with what looked like a Dominating performance by Texas’ Defense as they managed to pick-off ALabama Qb Greg McElroy on the opening drive. Texas didn’t take long to put up points on the board as they capped of their drive with a 18 yard Hunter Lawerance field goal. Texas’ defense continued to play stellar in the 1st quarter as they held Alabama to a couple of 3 and outs with no points scored and a couple sacks and turnovers. Texas ended the 1st quarter with another field goal as the score was 6-0 Texas. Tho texas did decently in the 1st Quarter they lost a Key Component to their team to injuries when Qb Colt McCoy had to head to the lockers with a shoulder injury (McCoy would not return to the game). The loss of McCoy seemed to hurt the Moral of the Longhorns because the Tides defense jumped on the opportunity to play against an inexperienced Qb in the second quarter. The Tide answered the Longhorns Defense With A Unbelievable Offensive Output in the second quarter. The Tide scored 24 unanswered points going into the locker rooms for half-time. Alabama seemed to have the ball in their court when it came to the running Game as they scored on a 2 yard Mark Ingram touchdown and a 49 yard Trent Richardson Run. They also Scored on a 26 yard Leigh Tiffin field Goal and a rumblin, stumblin, bumblin, Marcell Dareus 28 yard interception to Cap-off the 1st Half. In the 2nd half of the game, Texas tried to make the game interesting with a 44 yard Jordan Shipley touchdown reception late in the 3rd Quarter. In the forth Quarter, after holding Alabama to a few more three-and-outs, the Longhorns showed signs of life as Qb Garrett Gilbert connected for the second time with Jordan Shipley for a 28 yard touchdown and a 2 point conversion attempt successful to Dan Buckner To make this a three point Game at 24-21 Alabama lead. Tho Texas was so close to “Turning the TIDE”, The Tide turned them and crushed their hopes with two touchdown runs on their final drives. Once again, Ingram found the Endzone on a 1 yard run to make it a 31-21 game. Finally, Trent Richardson put the game away with a 2nd touchdown of his own from 2 yards out.The final Score (37-21 ALABAMA). All around it was a successful effort from Alabama and they managed to prove the ALL TOO WELL KNOWN cliche that “TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS YOU HAVE TO RUN THE BALL AND PLAY DEFENSE”.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON ROLLIN TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By:Issac J Knowles

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