Dime Of The Day!

So today, isnt theres nothing to do but go to school, and on top of that its raining(later blog) and etc i was on Yahoo.com and i was reading the news thingy today, and there was something that caught my eye!! There was a Poll that AskMen.com did The Top 99 Most Disirable Woman in 2010, and before i tell you who’s number 1, let me burst your bubble it isnt Megan Fox! Yes i know i was shock too but the number 1 girl did shock me because i’d never seen her in my life The Entourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui so i was well shes not that bad, but still come on Megan Fox is a bad girl!! But Anywho i decided to name Emmanuelle Chriqui our Dime Of The Day!! I mean she did earn it in a way right?? Let me know what yall think?!

So heres some Pics of the Number 1 Diserable Girl According To AskMen.com!

(Srry There Isnt Alot Of Pics Of Her Which Sucks)



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