Shaq’s Challenge

Well Heres Shaq Challenge

“As his manager, I will only allow LeBron to do the dunk contest if Vince Carter comes back out, if Kobe [Bryant] comes back out and if another big name comes back out,” O’Neal said. “And if we can get a big prize and half of the money go to the people of Haiti and the other half to the winner.”

“The guys that are in it, no disrespect to them, but they wouldn’t really be any competition for LeBron,” O’Neal said. On Tuesday, James said he enjoys watching All-Star Saturday night but that he doesn’t feel like taking part. He said he has no regrets for going back on his statement from a year ago. “I’m not a regretful guy,” James said. “I don’t know, I’m just not high on [the contest].”

My Take

So has you all know Shaq, is going to help the Haiti after the vicous earthquake that happen to Haiti, but knowing Shaq, he proposed a challenge to Kobe,Vince Carter to join to the Dunk Contest, and if those two former superstars join. Shaq said he will “Let His Client(Lebron James)” enter the contest as well. But i mean Kobe, Vince are not the quite highflyer that they once were, i mean both players have been plaque with injuries that took their HIGHFLYING acts, but  maybe if we can replace those two  with like a Dwayne Wade or Josh Smith that would be a goood DUNK CONTEST and lets be REALISTIC the DUNK CONTEST is DEAD the pass couple of years, we need more CREATIVE&&HIGHFLYERS in the Contest just puttting it out there so I Hope this year is gunna be different!!

Let me know what yall think!?

By:Jeremie D.



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