4:20 Thoughts.

April 20, 2010


So as you all know today is April 20, 2010. Which means its supposedly a national holiday. for smokers&&etc. First off this isnt a diss to the smokers out there because SOME PEOPLE not all of us SOME from TheMeltinP0t yasted a couple times or what not. We just decided to asked our selves whats the first thing that comes to to the dome with 420 comes around. So heres what we all said:

Jeremie Dela Rosa’s thoughts:

“Wen 4 20 comes around i think of Hippies, yes Hippies those white bastards lol had to but  for some odd reason it just feels like Hippies invented 4:20, but history has shown some kids in San Rafael High School, a group called the Walos made the 420 or some thing  just read this to get a little history lesson. But thats just me i personally dont smoke. or anything so idk and dont care. So yea Fuck A Hype Breast.”

Mike James Thoughts:

“When 4 20 comes to my head, shit no mo Wiz Khalifa, shit dude always talk about the weed and blazing and dude just drop Kush x Orange Juice might i say is a great mixtape. which yall can download on the blog.”

John Mathews Thoughts:

“Shit im gunna keep simple when 420 comes around the only thing that comes up to my head is WEED.”

Eddie Fuentes Thoughts:

“Its just another day for me. But imma tell yall right now. Im not making a Pothead teeshirt. lol”


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