Waste of a Day

Today  I had one of those days where you had to wake up early for something important for a meeting for a class and when you go you find out that the meeting you had was cancel and was the next day. Well that happen to me which was wack had to be at Pasadena City College at 10, meaning that i had to wake up at 9ish so it was hard. Makes it more difficult its the summer and everyone from Cali knows, California in the summer is like being in hell. So heres some pics i took from my phone. Forgot the Camera.

Pasadena City College Campus in the morning. Straight Empty.

Then I had to take the bus. Because of the ticket i got couple of months ago. Killer. But I honest didnt think taking the bus was wack. Because i havent taken the bus in a while. There was a plus because i had my headphones so i got save.

The Best Picture I could had taken of the metro because with my trash flip phone. (RIP SideKick 08)

This is the last picture i took, because i was tried of taking pictures with the phone and people looking at me and etc. Oh yea the Metro is slipping. Did you know on July 1, 2010 Bus Fare is going to be $1.50. Man what a work. Another reason why people are going to lose money even more. Stupid RECESSION.

But overall after going to PCC for no reason. It got better when to my boy Miguels house got killed in FIFA, because he show me the controls so I got work but whatever ill get him and he knows that. Then of course ending the day of balling with the rellies. Killed at Del Mar. So yea time for some Secret Life.

By:Jeremie J. Dela Rosa


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