Mikeys Bday

Last Night Was Our Boy Mike James 19th Bday. So We All Went To The CheeseCake Factory to celebrate.  Let me say the Dinner was overall active in several ways it just was one of those unforgetable nights it was really good. Too bad some of the rellies werent there but its cool next time … Continue reading

Think Blue

This last weekend we all went to the Dodger game against the Mets,  Friday and Saturday. Which was fun it wasnt as bad as I thought but it was cool Friday we got Top Deck Tickets which we all saw everything the view was amazing it was tight. Then Saturday we got Left Field seats … Continue reading

Justene Jaro

All I gotta say is just watch the video and peek the pics. This Girl is a beast!! Justene Jaro P.S: She Gets extra points cuz shes half filipino

Super High(feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa)

Well the title explains itself so yall should know what the song is about.Nd Yall should know what Wiz && Curren$y the biggest weed lovers in the game were bound to be on the track. In Which They both killed. The video is dope. Weed,Tattoos,Cars what esle can you ask for? Atleast its better than … Continue reading

Wale – More About Nothing (Mixtape Trailer)

So for all yall Wale fans we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Wale has some new music coming out, The D.C. native is going drop “More About Nothing” his latest mixtape. The bad news is that the mixtape doesnt come out till Aug 3. Which is a … Continue reading