The iPad

So as you all know Apple came out with one of their new products that will be realease in March, called the iPad and let me say after watching the video of the product man  you can add this to Apples another great product that they came out with that wil change technology once again!! … Continue reading


So today, before we went to class, we decided to go get a bite at Rosarito in Pasadena on Colorado Blvd and it was delicious me and John got something too eat i got a big ass burrito and John got a the famous Rosarito Nachos. But Mike didnt want too get something,  so we … Continue reading

Song Of The Day!

So Heres the SOng Of The Daayy!! Im Beaming- Lupe Fiasco One Of The New Tracks Off His New CD  Lazers

Book Of Eli!

So today, i went to the movies with the MeltinP0t&& Saw Book Of Eli!!! &&  Let me tell yall right now this MOVIE is a MUST see i swear too god! Go Watch This For Reall!! By:TheMeltinP0tCo

Ask Us Anything!?

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